The Philatelic Federation of South Africa is the umbrella body of stamp clubs and provides key services to collectors and stamp clubs. “Philately” is the collection and study of postage stamps and their use.

Welcome to the wonderful world of stamp collecting
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You decide what you want from the hobby:

Perhaps you like stamps on a subject, like “trains” or “tigers’? Postmarks showing place names ? First day covers or envelopes which mark special events ? Postcards ?

Whatever you like by way of stamps or postal items, you will enjoy being a member of a stamp group. Find stamp clubs, contacts, venues. [click]

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Stamp collecting  in  South Africa

This website answers some key questions about stamp collecting.

"How things work" explain goings-on and "News" gives the latest info.

The section for "Members" is for registered members of stamp clubs affiliated to the Philatelic Federation of South Africa, the umbrella body of collectors in our region. Members access this section by keying in their membership number.

Yes, you are welcome to join the stamp family - see the list of clubs. Stamp collecting is easier, more pleasant if you are a member of a stamp club and thus benefit from the Philatelic Federation.