2016 SA Stamp Issues

SA stamp issues 2016

Further SA issues for 2016
26 August 2016    South African geology highlights

A set of ten stamps were issued on occasion of the 35th International Geological Congress, held in Cape Town.   The stamps are for the normal letter (small letter) international airmail rate of R8.40.  The stamps are self-adhesive.
The stamps depict spectacular geological formations and have keys to the geological cross sections shown, printed on the back of the stamps.
The stamps depict the following –
Karoo Supergroup
Barberton Greenstone Supergroup
Table Mountain World Heritage Site
Griqualand West Supergroup
Witwatersrand Supergroup
Vredefort Dome meteor impact site (World Heritage Site)
Bushveld Igneous Complex
Kimberlite volcanic pipe
Phalaborwa Carbonatite
Cradle of Mankind World Heritage Site
Two commemorative covers were prepared.

14 September 2016   “Telling stories with light”



Ten stamps on the theme “Telling stories with light” were produced in hexagonal format to form a circle.  The stamps are self-adhesives for the small letter international airmail rate of R8.40.  There were two first day covers.

The artwork is based on slow-exposure photography of people dancing with lights.  The “stories with light” stamps are stated to represent the following :

The city

Small Karoo town named ‘Amandelboom” (almond tree)

New constellations over the Highveld

Roof over a rural community

Birth of the universe

Reel dancing

Fire drawing of dwellings in informal settlements

Laser pointers

A woman at centre of universe

‘Northern lights’ in South Africa

26 September 2016            CITES COP 17

The 17th conference of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species was held in Johannesburg.

The stamps feature the four African species of pangolins, all of them highly threatened mammals.  The four stamps are self-adhesives, for the small letter international airmail rate of R8.40.  A sheetlet and a first day cover were made available.

The species are –

Smutsia temmickii – pangolin, ietermagog (south and east Africa)

Smutsia gigantea – giant ground pangolin, reuse-ietermagog (central and west Africa)

Phataginus tricuspis – white-bellied pangolin, witpens-ietermagog (west and central Africa)

Phataginus tetradactyla – black-bellied pangolin – swartpens-ietermagog (central and west Africa)

7 October 2016       Puppetry in South Africa            

Five self-adhesive stamps for the small letter domestic rate of R3.60 were produced to depict a variety of puppeteering work.  A sheetlet and a first day cover were issued.

The stamps feature irregular partly cut-out profiles and show –

War Horse, a life-size puppet ‘manned’ by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones, performing on stage.

Haas Das by Louise Smith, the popular TV character

Gawie de Wet, a Cape puppeteer with one of his puppets

In Medea Res, by Aja Marnewick

Ouboros, by Janni Younge


21 October 2016         South African Biospheres

Six panorama-size self-adhesive stamps for the standard domestic letter rate of R3.60 were issued in a sheetlet, and two commemorative covers were produced.

A biosphere is a natural biome within which the government and its agencies try to promote sustainable development.

The stamps depict landscapes with, over the image, stylised line drawings depicting elements of the area.  The six biospheres are –

Kogelberg (Western Cape)

Cape West Coast (Western Cape)

Waterberg (Limpopo)

Kruger to Canyons (Mpumalanga-Limpopo)

Cape Winelands (Western Cape)

Vhembe (Limpopo)

Note the stamp issue was delayed until December 2016.

31 October 2016         40th IHF World Hospital Congress

The 40jh congress of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) was held in Durban from 30 October to 3 November 2016.

A miniature sheet was issued with at centre at stamp showing a prominent Red Cross.  A surrounding pattern of icons represent hospital activities.  The stamp was for the international small letter airmail rate of R7.70.

Note the issue was delayed until December 2016.

24 November 2016     “Smile South Africa”

A miniature sheet with one stamp for the international small letter airmail rate of R7.70 was due for issue.  The stamp depicts a toothbrush with toothpaste spelling the word ‘Smile’ on top of the toothbrush.

A Philatelic Services statement says the issue was inspired by the 10th World Endodontic Congress held in Cape Town, 3-6 June 2016.

Note the issue was delayed until December 2016.

[9 November 2016]     South African National Parks

A sheetlet with six self-adhesive panorama-size stamps was announced.  The stamps, for the domestic standard letter rate of R3.60, feature the following parks:

Marekele (Waterberg, Limpopo)



/Ai-/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park


Tankwa Karoo

Two commemorative covers were prepared.

Note this issue has been postponed to 2017.

[2 December 2016]     South Africa’s international flight routes

A sheetlet with one stamp for the domestic standard letter rate (now R3.60) had been announced for 18 February 2916.  The stamp shows an aircraft against a map of Africa south of the equator.

Note this issue has again been postponed, to 2017.


8 January 2016   Popular Musicians

The second set in the series on Popular Musicians was postponed from July 2015.  A sheet was issued of ten different stamps showing musical performers.   The stamps were for the standard postage rate (R3.30), self-adhesive and printed in black monochrome.

Depicted are :

Dolly Rathebe

Gé Korsten

Margaret Singana

Busi Mhlongo

Chris Blignaut

Phuzushukela (John Bengu)

Paul Ndlovu

Moses Molelekwa

Dan Hill

Zim Ngqawane