Rules of the Expert Committee



P O BOX 304



FAX 023 –6142521


Expert Committee fees and conditions are as follows:


· For an opinion certifying an item as genuine the fee will be 2% of current catalogue value with a minimum charge of R120.

· For any other opinion the minimum charge will be R120. The charge will be solely at the discretion of the Committee.

· For an unquoted item, cover or postal stationery item the charge will be solely at the discretion of the Committee, with the minimum charge being R150.

· Members of Philatelic Federation affiliated societies receive a discount of 25% on the above charges (for immediate settlement of accounts only).

· Certified copies of PFSA Expert Committee certificates, suitable for exhibition requirements, R50.

· A handling fee of R25 per item and postage (at cost) are additional to all charges.

· Any item submitted without an application form will be subject to a non-discountable additional charge of R25 per item.


PFSA certificates are internationally acknowledged and remain excellent value for money when compared against foreign expertisers.


Submitters are reminded of the following conditions on which the Committee accepts material for examination:


· Each item must be submitted with its own individual application form or explanatory letter detailing required information.

· Membership of a Federation affiliated society must be mentioned on submission for discount to be granted.

· Items may be submitted by post or by hand to the Secretary     (P O Box 304, Montagu, 6720). Items may not be handed to individual committee members.

· Specialised handling (e.g. No conveyance by post, delivery by hand) must be noted on submission and may result in delayed processing time.

· Required method of return dispatch must be mentioned on submission.

· Processing of items takes a minimum of 6 weeks.  Items that require express processing must be pre-arranged and do not qualify for discount.

· All inquiries must be made, via the Secretary, by fax (023-614-2521), post (PO Box 304, Montagu, 6720), or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ONLY.  No telephonic inquires to individual members of the Committee, please.

· Accounts must be settled within 30 days.

· All items submitted to the Expert Committee are accepted only at sender’s risk throughout.  Neither the Philatelic Federation, nor any member of the Committee, nor any assistant to the Committee shall be liable to any person for any loss or damage to any item submitted, however caused, including any act or default of any Government or Postal Authority of this or any other country.

· The Expert Committee reserves the right to forward any item to any consultant for examination and observation.

· The Expert Committee reserves the right to photograph any item for record purposes and to reproduce such photograph free of charge in any publication of the Federation.  Any such reproduction will not however disclose the identity of the owner without permission.

· It is not the function of the Expert Committee to value items submitted for opinion and such valuations will not be given.

· It is to be clearly understood that any Certificate given by the Expert Committee is a record of opinion only and does not convey any guarantee or warranty.  Neither the Federation nor any member of the Committee shall be liable to any person for any consequences arising from any opinion which the Committee may express as to any item sent in for examination.

· The Committee reserves the right to decline to examine material.

· Submission of an item implies full acceptance of the above guidelines.

Michael Wigmore RDPSA

PFSA Expert Committee Chairman