Namibia new issues 2016

4 March 2016        100th anniversary of the newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung (Windhoek).

Postcard rate (air, abroad) N$6.80 – Front cover of a 1919 edition.
Letter rate N$3.70 – Front cover of 2016 anniversary edition.

A souvenir sheet and a commemorative cover will be issued on 22
July 2016. The special postmark is for Windhoek.


18 March 2016    Whydahs. 


The long-tailed males are illustrated on the stamps and the
females are pictured in black/white on the first-day cover, which is
postmarked Otavi.
N$6.05  Vidua regia, shaft-tailed whydah, pylstertrooibekkie
N$7.00  Vidua paradisaea, long-tailed paradise whydah, paradysvink
N$30.00  Vidua macroura, pin-tailed whydah, koningrooibekkie


11 May 2016        Tortoises.


The souvenir sheet has the four stamps against a
Geochelone pardalis, leopard tortoise, bergskilpad.   The
commemorative postmark is for Aus and also shows this giant
tortoise.  The tortoises depicted on the four standard rate stamps
(N$3.70) are –
Kinixyx spekii, Speke’s hinged tortoise, grasveld-skarnierskilpad
Psammobates tentorius trimeni, Namaqualand tent tortoise,
Namakawalandse tentskildpad
Homopus solus, Nama padloper, klipskilpadjie
Chersina angulata, angulate tortoise, ploegskaarskilpad

7 July 2016        Herons and egrets of Namibia.

Five stamps in panorama format, first-
day cover postmarked at Divundu.
Standard postage (N$3.70) – Bubulcus ibis, cattle egret, vee-reier
N$6.05 – Butorides striata, green-backed heron, groenrugreier
Postcard rate (N$6.80) – Ardea goliath, goliath heron, reusereier
N$7.00 – Ardeola ralloides, squacco heron, raleier
N$8.20 –  Egretta ardesiaca, black heron, swartreier


22 July 2016        Allgemeine Zeitung,


see above.


11 August 2016    Forestry in Namibia. 


A souvenir sheet with three postcard rate stamps
(N$6.80).   The special canceller is for Katima Mulilo.  No first-day
cover.  The stamps show indigenous forest products :
Use of timber for building materials (rondavel hut), household utensils
(stamp block, grain dish) and ornaments (carved giraffe head);
“Resources for all great or small” (forestry trees and elephant); and
non-timber resources, showing sycamore fig fruit and leaf and
commiphora (kanniedood) and marula health and cosmetic products.


30 September 2016    Large canines of Namibia.


Three stamps, first-day cover and special
postmark for Tsumkwe.  The stamp values will probably be for the
three standard regional foreign airmail letter rates:
N$6.10 – Lycaon pictus, African wild dog, wildehond
N$7.00     – Crocuta crocuta, spotted hyena, gevlekte hiëna
N$8.20 – Hyaena brunnea, brown hyena, bruin hiëna/strandjut