Stamp shows

The National Stamp Exhibition is held at a different venue every year.  It is a competitive event, organised in groups, or classes, the first being ‘traditional philately’, which in essence means ‘stamps’ and includes aspects of the printing of stamps, varieties, and the issue of the stamps.

‘Postal history’ is a section for studies of postmarks and other markings on envelopes, for instance censor marks, also postal rates and mail routes.

There are also classes for aerophilately – covers which testify of airmail achievements and well as mishaps – and revenue stamps, as well as postal stationery (envelopes, aerogrammes and postcards which have an imprinted postal value).

A popular group is “one frame” which limits collectors to 16 album pages. The open class allows the use of photographs, maps, newspaper cuttings and the like to illustrate the subject, while ‘thematic’ is a study around a subject, like ‘lions on stamps’.

Other stamp shows may be regional, specialised or limited in scope.

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