Where to find stamps

It is possible to collect stamps with little outlay.

You can find stamps for free.  Begin by saving stamps that come in the mail, and ask family and friends to save envelopes for you.   You can also look for discarded mail in waste baskets in the workplace.

You can buy stamps at post offices.  At the Philatelic Services branch of Post Office headquarters you can open an account to subscribe to new stamp issues, so you receive the new ones as they appear.

Chat to other collectors.  You will find that looking for stamps is almost as much fun as adding them to your collection.

When you join a stamp club you will find out what others collect, and you can swop stamps.

Only a few stamp dealers work from retail shops.   You will meet most dealers at weekend stamp fairs, held in major centres every month.   At these fairs dealers set up tables and display their stock.  You can also meet other collectors.

Scarcer material is usually to be found at stamp auctions.  Most auctions add a buyer’s premium, which means that you pay more than your bid on an item.  You can participate in person, by post or via the internet.

The internet is an easy and efficient way to search for stamps. One can look at eBay, Delcampe and Bid or Buy.  But is the deal looks too good to be true, rather be careful as it might be a scam.